Documentary filmmaker and wildlife photographer Carole Amore has traveled to remote parts of the world in pursuit of adventure. Her passion is the Asian tiger and she has written books, produced films and created museum exhibits to spread awareness of this endangered creature.

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Born: 1953

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Education: B.S. and Sub-Doctoral Clinical/Organizational Psychology

Occupation: Executive producer, photographer, cinematographer, author, leadership consultant

Expeditions: Arctic Circle, African plains, the Indian jungle

Favorite place to be: Filming wild Bengal tigers from on top of an elephant

Best discovery: Creating a film on the intimate lives of a wild Bengal tigress and her two cubs

Favorite Items in the Field: High definition film camera, full range of fast action photo lenses, and 10-foot elephant tripod

Personal Hero: Sylvia Earle, intrepid oceanographer & Cady Coleman, remarkable astronaut

Hobbies: Wildlife film exploration, making innovative HD films and photo books and developing interactive museum exhibits with new technologies


Advice: The soul never thinks without a picture.