WINGS is very proud to announce that our Fellow Rosaly Lopes has won the 2014 Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award.  As the only female awardee this year, Rosaly Lopes is being recognized for her extraordinary work as a planetary geologist.  Currently, she is the Manager for Planetary Science at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  "Recently Dr. Lopes has been working to utilize remote sensing data collected from spacecrafts to analyze the geologic features on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and its ice volcanoes." (Explorers Club)  The Lowell Thomas Ward is presented by the President of The Explorers Club to outstanding explorers whose achievements contribute "special distinction to other  recipients."

In honor of the Awardees, there will be a Dinner at the Bowers Museum in Southern. California to celebrate their achievements in the field of exploration from October 10th -12th. The Awards Dinner is open to the public and tickets are available for purchase here.