Constanza Ceruti was born in Buenos Aires in 1973. She lives in the city of Salta, in Northwest Argentina. After her graduation as an Anthropologist at University of Buenos Aires in 1996, she earned her Ph.D. at University of Cuyo in 2001. She has become a specialist in the field of high altitude archaeology, studying Inca ceremonial centers on the summits of Andean mountains. At present, she is a member of the National Council for the Scientific Research in Argentina, a Professor of Inca Archaeology at Catholic University of Salta and the Director of the Institute of High Mountain Research at the same University. She is the only female Andean high-altitude archaeologist in the world.

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Born: 1973

Hometown: Salta, Argentina

Education: PhD in Anthropology

Occupation: High-altitude archaeologist

Expeditions: Over 100 ascents to mountain summits above 17,000 ft. in the Andes of South America, as well as climbs of mountains in Mexico, Nepal, and Greece.

Favorite Place to Be: Near a sacred mountain

Best Discovery: In northern Argentina, discovering three almost perfectly preserved Incan frozen mummies – found at 22,200 ft. on the summit of Mount Llullaillaco

Favorite Item in the Field: Chocolates

Personal Heroes: My parents, for everything I have learned from them; and, high-altitude archaeologist Dr. Johan Reinhard

Hobbies: Photography, poetry, and learning indigenous languages.

Advice: Climb with a humble heart.





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