Around the globe, women are taking to the field, challenging boundaries and making vital contributions to our understanding of our world and beyond. WINGS invites you to meet some of them...

WINGS’ Fellows Program provides a global community of support, inspiration, and professional collaboration for women in the field sciences.

Unlike any other organization, WINGS provides financial resources, recognition and a professional community for exchange and collaboration among women working in the field sciences. Through the WINGS Fellows Network, we recognize and document the important role that women play today in exploration and provide a forum through which they can share their stories and discoveries. You can help WINGS make a difference in the lives of these extraordinary women and make their work possible and our efforts to share it with the world successful.

A Virtual Community; The development of a web-based social networking forum, providing blogging, comment boards and resources for collaboration, exchange and professional support.

International Fellows Forum; A 2-day gathering for WINGs Women of Discovery to discuss their research, share findings and propose solutions to environmental and social issues with key stakeholders, foundation leaders and policy makers.

Financial Support; We invite donors to underwrite individual Women of Discovery awards and contribute to our Field Research Fund which provides emergency mini-grants for field work.