Field Notes: Volume 2, Issue 1

Dear Friends,

In 2005, Michele Westmorland carried the FIRST WINGS flag to Papua New Guinea to document the incredible journey of artist and explorer Caroline Mytinger. Fourteen years later, we are thrilled to share the result, the award-winning documentary film Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas & Camera, and see how far the project has come since then. We will build on the film’s examination of Caroline’s legacy in an interactive talkback with Michele.

Since that inaugural WINGS flag expedition, we have been honored to send our flags on more than 50 expeditions and publish the resulting flag reports to share with a broad audience. In 2015 WINGS began to award a grant to every flag carrier. WINGS' unique unrestricted funding to Flag Carriers and Fellows has been invaluable to so many expeditions, projects, and research initiatives. When so many sources of funding do not pay for essentials such as salaries, travel, research, legal fees, childcare, and much more, these grants can either launch a project or provide the missing piece to bring concept to reality.

We are grateful for the world knowledge that the WINGS community of Flag Carriers has shared with us over the past 14 years, and the lessons we have learned from these women who dare to be the trailblazers.

See you on the trail, at the destination, and beyond,

Yael Jekogian
Managing Director

In this issue:

  • VIP tickets for the 2019 Women of Discovery Awards now available

  • Get tickets for a screening of Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera with filmmaker Michele Westmorland

  • African People & Wildlife completes its 1,000th Living Wall

  • How Flag Carrier April Burt will address plastic pollution in the Aldabra Atoll

  • Win prizes through the Junior Council’s Valentine’s Day raffle

  • WINGS is accepting auction donations

  • Apply to intern with WINGS

  • And updates from Felicity Aston, Jane Goodall, Bolortsetseg Minjin and Rosemarie Keough

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