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Field Notes: Volume 2, Issue 7

Dear Friends,

When we inducted our first group of Fellows in 2003, WINGS was a pioneer in its support of women scientists and explorers. Sixteen years later, we proudly continue our core mission of funding and supporting a growing community of (now 125) Fellows and Flag Carriers, proving that women are on the frontiers of discovery in every field around the world. The WINGS WorldQuest flags, which have traveled to some of our planet’s most remote regions, including the North and South poles and almost 60 countries, have become a symbol of bold leadership, innovative thinking and uncommon courage.

So if you need inspiration or a reason to feel hopeful about our world, come meet one of these extraordinary women at an Explorer Talk (there’s one on November 6), the annual research forum and spring awards gala (exciting details in the next newsletter), and follow us on social media. We share their backstories, updates, and let’s-do-this mindsets, and link you to their latest initiatives.

We get nonstop energy boosts here at the WINGS hub, too, as Fellows and Flag Carriers visit on their way to and from expeditions. In the past two weeks, we’ve sat down with: Constanza Ceruti who was passing through after coordinating an archaeological symposium in Switzerland; April Burt , who gave a sold-out Explorer Talk about her recent marine plastic pollution expedition to the biodiversity hotspot, the Aldabra Atoll (photos below); Allison Hanes, who returned Flag #23, which she took to Indonesia while shooting films about the shamans of Siberut and the Mentawai gibbons. At the same time, we shipped out Flag #29 to marine conservation biologist Callie Veelenturf on her way to Panama’s Pearl Islands for a five-month pilot study of critically endangered leatherback sea turtles. Read on for more about Callie’s work.

We make sure that these changemakers stay in the field and that their discoveries have a platform and a network for sharing. Thank you for helping us give these women a voice and fostering a community dedicated to science, exploration, and a thriving, sustainable planet. With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, we hope you will consider continuing your support with a year-end gift!

Yours in discovery,

Beth Nixon
Chair, Board of Directors

In this issue:

  • Register now for our November 6 Explorer Talk with Flag Fellow Kate Harris

  • Register for our October 26 yoga/barre class at the Flatiron Athleta store studio hosted by the Junior Council

  • At 81, Helen Thayer continues to be a “work in progress” and trek the world

  • Flag Carrier Callie Veelenturf heads to Panama to study Leatherback Nesting Grounds

  • Read this article by IP lawyer Nicole Gallo, who hosted the September webinar for our Fellows and Flag Carriers on trends in female patenting, and the importance of intellectual property protection and patent registration for women in STEM-related research and exploration.

  • And more news from Krithi Karanth, Constanza Ceruti, Laly Lichtenfeld

Field Notes: Volume 2, Issue 5

Dear Friends,

Last week I shipped WINGS Flag #14 to Sunniva Sorby so she can carry it with her to Svalbard, Norway. Sunniva and her expedition partner, Hilde Fålun Strøm, will spend 9-months in living in a trapper's hut with no running water or electricity, and in complete darkness for 90 days. They plan to record and broadcast extreme climate change events as they happen, in real time. Stay tuned for an invitation to our live-stream broadcast from Svalbard.

Flag #14 started its life in 2007 in North Africa, and has since been to the Ganges in India, the Arctic waters of Canada, and Antarctica with the Homeward Bound women’s leadership initiative. All of these expeditions were spearheaded by teams of women studying issues affecting global sustainability, such as climate change, access to safe water, and how women will be key stakeholders in the solutions.

Each WINGS Flag has a story, and each Flag Carrier chooses which flag they will take on their expedition, whether it’s because of the landscapes that flag has seen, the inspiration of prior carriers, or the issues studied during its journeys. We are proud to share the stories, results and lessons learned with you through the Flag Reports, Explorer Talks, interviews, and other avenues.

Yours in exploration,

Yael Jekogian

In this issue:

  • Alexandra Morton and the battle over salmon

  • Save the date for a WINGS Junior Council event with Kate Harris

  • Kristi Karanth is a 2019 Rolex Award winner

  • And more from Edie Widder, Jill Tarter, Meenakshi Wadhwa, Vera Rubin and Sylvia Earle

Field Notes: Volume 2, Issue 3

Dear Friends,

On April 23, 2019, WINGS WorldQuest inducted four new Fellows at the Women of Discovery Awards. Mandë Holford, Krithi Karanth, Laly Lichtenfeld, and Darlene Lim awed and inspired us with stories about their research, exploration, conservation and community initiatives, and thoughts on women and leadership. Thank you to all who attended and supported.

You can now check out their virtual trading cards on the WINGS website.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 6.32.36 PM.png

They join an international community of 84 WINGS Fellows, and now this network of womenfield scientists is enriched by their contributions, questions and interjections to the ongoing conversation that WINGS enables and fortifies. They strengthen WINGS’ foundation and outlook for future Women of Discovery.

All the best,

Yael Jekogian
Managing Director

In this issue:

  • See the photos from the 2019 Women of Discovery Awards

  • We join Caveat NYC and Sophie Hollingsworth for a night celebrating women explorers

  • Read Sefra Alexandra’s flag report on the taro tales

  • Sunniva Sorby will carry the WINGS flag to Norway

  • Watch Gaelin Rosenwaks’ film, Coral: Glimmer of Hope

Field Notes: Volume 2, Issue 2

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, International Women’s Day will raise a call to action to create a better-balancedworld and accelerate gender parity. We approach achieving that balance for women in science and exploration by showcasing their work through awards, lectures, expedition reports, interactive conversations and more. The more we talk about women’s contributions to scientific knowledge and advancements, the more their presence in these fields will be normalized. Our goal is to one day put ourselves out of business. Can you help us spread the word by forwarding this newsletter to at least one other person?

Happy International Women's Day! We'll see you on the trail, at the designation and beyond.

All the best,

Yael Jekogian
Managing Director

In this issue:

  • Get tickets to the 2019 Women of Discovery Awards

  • Michele Westmorland screens Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera

  • Meenakshi Wadhwa on her career, women in science and spending four months in a wheelchair

  • Kate Harris wins the RBC Taylor Prize for her book Lands of Lost Borders

  • And updates from Mandë Holford, Sefra Alexandra, Krithi Karanth and Nergis Mavalvala