WINGS WorldQuest

Wings worldquest recognizes and supports
extraordinary women
in science and exploration.

There is a gender gap in the fields of science and exploration. Women make up almost half of the total workforce but only 24% of STEM jobs, where they earn 86 cents for every dollar made by men in the same profession. Women also lag far behind men in STEM leadership positions.
WINGS WorldQuest aims to address this disparity by cultivating talented women scientists and explorers and offering a platform for their discoveries and networking. In the belief that their full inclusion promotes greater excellence and innovation across STEM professions, we utilize a three-pronged approach to help break down barriers:
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Through the Fellows and Flag Carrier programs, WINGS creates community and showcases the groundbreaking work of women scientists and explorers, whose discoveries advance scientific inquiry, stimulate conservation, and lead to better understanding of our world.
WINGS’ outreach programs provide a platform for women scientists and explorers to share their work and inspire the next generation of intrepid explorers and global problem-solvers. 
The WINGS network supports women scientists with unrestricted funding that is often critical and has been used for expeditions, field and office equipment, legal support, lab start-up capital and publishing. WINGS also has a unique Emergency Fund that addresses the ongoing threats women scientists and explorers face as they do their job, which we created after one of our Fellows was sexually assaulted in the field and needed immediate evacuation and medical attention.
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Your donation will support extraordinary women scientists who are exploring our oceans, lands, and outer space; conserving endangered wildlife; researching and finding solutions to climate change; and sharing the knowledge they gain through the WINGS platform.



"Paying research expenses; for example, the grant of $1,000 for carrying a flag helped me pay for essential hotel expenses on my way to Antarctica, a thermal camera, and some cold-weather clothing."

– Dr. Rosaly Lopes, 2009 Air & Space Award

"I have still not touched it! It is my cash reserve to jump start my research lab a few months from now...I will be spending it on a combination of lab supplies, field research expenses, and possibly a plane ticket to a conference."

– Dr. Kristen Marhaver, 2016 Sea Award

"It was what paid my bills so I could keep working. It allowed me to attend meetings, work-related events and trips. It freed my hands and gave me peace of mind for some months to continue to do what I do."

– Dr. Juliana Machado Ferreira, 2016 Courage Award