Imagine Notes

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Each year WINGS collaborates with Imagination Celebration of Fort Worth, Texas to sponsor the Art of Exploration, an experiential education program designed to ignite young peoples interest in science and the arts through personal encounters with explorers and artists. The week long series of  hands-on-workshops and discussions, based on environmental themes, is led by WINGS Founder Milbry Polk, WINGS Fellows and artists from around the country. The Art of Exploration program was founded in 2006 by Milbry Polk, Founder, WINGS WorldQuest and Ginger Head, Founder and Executive Director of ICFW and has reached over 25,000 students from Fort Worth and Mexico.

Students are provided with Imagine Notes on each of the explorers and artists they meet as part of the Art of Exploration program.  They profile their life and work of and provide background and contextual information and pertinent facts on their field of study, the region they work in and the impact of their discoveries.

Contance Adams

Rosita Arvigo

Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Nathalie Cabrol

Constanza Ceruti

Anne Doubilet

Dan Eldon

Marianne Greenwood

Sue Hendrickson

Meg Lowman

Bolar Minjin

Ana Pinto

Jane Poynter

Alan Rabinowitz

Peter Rona

Helen Thayer

Edie Widder

Terrie Williams–Seals in Antarctica

Terrie Willaims–Exploring Water