Laly Lichtenfeld

Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld believes in finding the balance for communities and nature. A nearly 20-year resident of Tanzania, Laly co-founded African People & Wildlife in 2005 to help rural communities conserve and benefit from their wildlife and natural resources. Laly specializes in wildlife conservation with a focus on lions and other big cats, community empowerment and engagement in natural resource management, and the development of conservation incentives for rural people. As a female CEO in East African conservation, Laly is often one of few women at the senior leadership table, a responsibility she does not take lightly. In 2018, Laly became an invited member of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority Research Advisory Committee. Laly is an accomplished speaker, a Distinguished Alumni of the Yale Tropical Resources Institute, a National Geographic Explorer, and a recipient of the 2016 Lowell Thomas Award for Open Space Conservation. 


Year of Birth: 1974

Hometown: Noloholo Environmental Center, Tanzania

Education: BSc Biological Sciences, University of Richmond; MSc and Ph.D. Wildlife Ecology and Social Ecology, Yale University

Occupation: Conservationist and Chief Executive Officer of African People & Wildlife

Expeditions: Everlasting in Tanzania 

Favorite Place to Be: Traveling anywhere with my daughter and husband. And at our home on the edge of Tarangire National Park

Best Discoveries: Living Walls and Our Holistic Model of Community-Driven Conservation

Favorite Items in the Field: Binoculars, Cameras, and Popcorn

Personal Heroes: All those out there making a real difference in the world, fellow conservationists, and the great writers like Ernest Hemmingway, Beryl Markham and Barbara Kingsolver to name a few.

Hobbies: Horseback riding, photography, reading, writing


Advice: Find questions that you are passionate about and then explore every aspect of them.

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