Selma Barkham is a historical geographer who discovered 16th Century Basque whaling sites on the southern coast of Labrador, Canada. She was awarded the Order of Canada for her work.

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Born: 1927

Hometown: Bosham, Sussex, England

Education: Studies at the Universities of London and Paris; two Honorary Doctorates

Occupation: Historical-geographer

Expeditions: South Coast of Labrador, Quebec North Shore, West Coast of Newfoundland, Canada; Basque Coast of Spain and France

Favorite place to be: The Strait of Belle Isle area, Canada

Best discovery: 16th-century Basque whaling sites on the South Coast of Labrador, Canada

Favorite items to have in the field: Chocolate, binoculars and a warm jacket

Personal hero: Nelson Mandela for courage, Captain Cook for excellence in work, Anne Stine and Helge Ingstad for perseverance

Hobbies: Bird-watching, walking, writing and languages

Advice: Always take an interest in something new.