Carol Beckwith is a photographer who documents indigenous tribes in Africa. She's done much of her work with Australian photographer Angela Fisher.

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Hometown: Boston, MA

Education: Degrees in Painting and Photography

Occupation: Photographer, writer, artist

Expeditions: 30 years of exploring Africa, covering 27,000 miles in 40 countries with Angela Fisher

Favorite place to be: Wodaabe nomad camp during courtship season in the Sahel, Niger

Best discoveries: 900 Maasai warriors gathering for their once-every-fourteen-year passage to elderhood in Tanzania

Favorite items in the field: Polaroid camera for giving gifts of images, drawing pad, journal for recording experiences, clean water

Personal heroes: Kathy Eldon, Founder of Creative Visions; Katjambia, renowned Himba healer; Salbastiao Salgado, photographer of the plight of world peoples; and Nelson Mandela

Hobbies: The same as my life passions


Advice: All things are possible, follow your dreams, realize your vision.