Julianna was honored by WINGS WorldQuest with the Women of Discovery Field Research Award in 2006,  for  her field work to understand the effects of airborne African dust on the health of Caribbean coral reefs. She currently works for the University of Maryland.

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Born: 1974

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Education: MS in Marine Science, University of South Carolina

Occupation: Marine scientist

Expeditions: San Salvador, Bahamas, Florida Keys

Favorite Place to Be: Snorkeling and exploring coral reefs

Best Discovery: Discovering the link between African dust and coral diseases in the Caribbean

Favorite Item in the Field: Friends and a camera

Personal Hero: My parents for encouraging my curiosity, and my husband for inspiring me

Hobbies: Cooking, kayaking, photography

Advice: Take the road less traveled.







Header photo by Unsplash on Pexels.com and used with Creative Commons license.