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Born: 1922

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Education: Ph.D. in Zoology

Occupation: Ichthyologist

Expeditions: Over 50 expeditions to the Red Sea, Australia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, China, Caribbean

Favorite Place to Be: Underwater in a coral sea or in the deep ocean in a submersible

Best Discoveries: Lemon sharks will push the right target to get a good food reward, and some fish can change sex in ten seconds.

Favorite Items in the Field: Other wonderful divers

Personal Heroes: William Beebe, American naturalist and scientist who bravely descended into the ocean in a Bathysphere in 1932

Hobbies: My work. I combine my family, friends, fish, and adventures

Advice: Follow your heart, and take as much math as you can.





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