Dr. Maureen Clemmons theorized the ancient Egyptians, being sailors, utilized the wind not only for sailing, but also for construction. With her field-tested theory Dr. Clemmons demonstrated how the Egyptians could have used kites to erect heavy objects during construction. She demonstrated this by erecting a 3.5-ton and 16-ton obelisk using wind as the motive force. To do this on a monument scale, she assembled a team, which included the California Institute of Technology, the University del Sol, Cuenavaca, Mexico and Pierce College. Their work is profiled on History Channel Documentary, "Flying Pyramids, Soaring Stones."

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Year of Birth: 1957

Hometown: Tariffville, CT

Education: Doctor of Organization Change, Pepperdine University; Executive MBA, Pepperdine University

Occupation: Business and Innovation Consultant

Expeditions: Quartz Hill, California: Erecting a 3.5-ton and 16-ton obelisk using wind as the motive force. Rosamond, California: Building a 200-ton pyramid using wind with 100 Architecture Students from Cal Poly Pomona, beer as a soil stabilizer and possible ancient Egyptian symbols as tools.

Favorite Place to Be: Anywhere my sisters are. They are more adventurous than a box of kittens.

Best Discovery: Ancient civilizations could have harnessed the wind to build monuments composed of megalithic rocks; ancient Egyptians could have used beer as a soil stabilizer and perhaps many of ancient Egyptian symbols had their distant origins as tools.

Favorite Items to Have in the Field: A good knife, good boots, anemometer and my friends and family.

Personal Heroes: Eugene Shoemaker and Eleanor of Acquitaine

Hobbies: Fishing, reading, gardening and camping

Website: www.trans4mations.com

Advice: "Perserverence and Skill, Courage and Will are the leaves in Luck's 4-leaf clover" (old saying)

Films: History Channel Documentary "Flying Pyramids, Soaring Stones"

Header photo courtesy David McEachan on Pexels.com.