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Born: 1958

Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Education: Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution

Occupation: Professor researching plant evolutionary ecology, establishing a permanent tree monitoring project, restoring prairies 

Expeditions: Field work in North American deciduous forests, Great Lakes beaches, sagebrush desert, Taiwan montane forest, and greenhouse studies on plants from these sites

Favorite Place to Be: Under a pine tree

Best Discovery: Plant kin recognition showing that plants change their phenotype depending on the relatedness of their same-species neighbors

Favorite Item in the field: Swiss army knife

Personal Hero: My postdoctoral supervisor, Annie Schmitt, who combines excellence in research with being a fine and warm human being

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, drinking coffee


Advice: For research, let your curiosity drive you. For your personal life, don’t rush to compromise on what you want, because you may be able to get it all.