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Born: 1980

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Education: M.S. Medical Anthropology, New College, Oxford, England

Occupation: Anthropologist, oral historian, educator, project coordinator

Expeditions: With camels through East Africa

Favorite Places to Be: Anywhere with open space in nature, or sitting at home on the edge of the Great Rift Valley by a fire listening to the night sounds outside

Best Discoveries: The Samburu spiritual healer Mzee Lemarkat and a Pokot herbalist Mama Langeta. Through them, I have uncovered many secrets of life.

Favorite Items in the Field: Head lamp, dictaphone, cameras, sparklers, colored pens

Personal Hero: Elie Cross

Hobbies: Music, diving, learning new things


Advice: Dreaming is great – but act on your dreams. They will be tomorrow’s reality.