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Born: 1953

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Education: Ph.D. in Anthropology 

Occupation: Anthropologist, paleontologist, university professor

Expeditions: Paleontological field expeditions to China, Nepal, Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania

Favorite Place to Be: A safe place

Best Discoveries: The first fossil chimpanzee, found in a collection of monkey fossils in a museum! That skin pigmentation is an evolutionary compromise between protection of the body against UV rays and production of an essential vitamin made possible by UV rays

Favorite Item in the Field: Clean drinking water

Personal Hero: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hobbies: Reading, jobbing, watching wildlife 


Book: Skin: A Natural History

Advice: Donā€™t work for recognition. Do the work you love to the best of your ability and recognition will flow naturally to you.