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Born: 1959

Hometown: Salt Spring Island, Canada

Education: H.B.A. in Business Administration

Occupation: Photographer and publisher

Expeditions: Antarctica and Arctic; deserts of the world; the Pacific Northwests’ Inside Passage; and many unique places in Canada and the world

Favorite Place to Be: In the wilderness

Accomplishments: Our imagery and film of Canada’s Nahanni wilderness inspired others to expand the national park from 4,800 square km to 30,000 square km

Favorite Items in the Field: Camera and good footwear 

Personal Heroes: Bill Anders, Apollo 8, whose image Earthrise together with Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring focused attention on environmental concerns

Hobbies: International folk-dancing


Book: Antarctica; The Nahanni Portfolio; and others 

Advice: A stumbling block can actually be a stepping stone depending on the choices you make.