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Born: 1960

Hometown: St. George Island, Pribilof Islands, AK

Education: Media specialist courses, University of Alaska

Occupation: Director, Office of Cultural Affairs, Pribilof Islands Aleut Community of St. Paul Island

Expeditions: Bluffs, caves, hills, shores of the Pribilof Islands and the Shetland Islands

Favorite Place to Be: Near the sea

Best Discovery: The meanings of the words. In the Aleut language, “tanadaqadakux” translates as “done visiting this land.” There is no word for Death

Favorite Items in the Field: Empty pockets (fo filling) and my sense of smell

Personal Heroes: My parents for their tribal spirituality 

Hobbies: Baskettry, collecting rocks, hiking


Advice: Earth is a living entity – our Mother. It is not a place.