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Born: 1957

Hometown: Lakeville, CT

Education: B.S.c. in Biology

Occupation: Biologist

Expeditions: Twenty-five years in a remote archipelago in British Columbia, Canada

Favorite Place to Be: In my boat

Best Discovery: Pacific white-sided dolphins are not invaders to British Columbia, but in fact have been here before because their bones are in the native middens

Favorite Items in the Field: Good socks

Personal Heroes: Jane Goodall

Hobby: Playing guitar


Book: Listening to Whales: What the Orcas have Taught Us; Heart of the Rainforest: A Life Story; Beyond the Whales; and others

Advice: Do not sweat the small stuff, save your energy for the big stuff and keep your voice low and calm, because society has a built-in “off-switch” for shrill women.