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Born: 1962

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Education: Ph.D. in Linguistics

Occupation: Lecturer in language documentation and description

Expeditions: Various places in Siberia – from the Urals in the West to the Kolyma in the East and from the Polar Circle in the North to the Ussuri taiga in the South

Favorite Place to Be: The taiga forest 

Achievement: Proof of the relationship between the Uralic and Yukaghir languages

Favorite Items in the Field: A tape recorder and mosquito repellant 

Personal Heroes: Vladimir Jochelson, a 19th century Russian linguist and anthropologist, and others who documented endangered languages without tape recorders

Hobbies: Tennis, reading, cooking


Advice: Take action every day and don’t let negative thoughts hold you back. 


Published Work: