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Born: 1971

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Education: Ph.D in Geophysics

Occupation: Glaciologist and educator

Expeditions: Antarctica (West Antarctic Divide, Siple Dome, and the Dry Valleys); Alaska (Brooks Range); Washington (Mount Rainier, Mount Olympus, and North Cascades glaciers); and British Columbia (Mount Waddington)

Favorite Place to Be: Wandering in the mountains…preferably with glaciers nearby

Best Discovery: How the behavior of a single ice crystal affects the flow of an entire glacier

Favorite Items in the Field: “Big Orange” (my down parka), my senses, and an open mind

Personal Hero: Katherine Olson, my cousin who taught me how to be me

Hobbies: Hiking, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, or nearly anything outdoors; reading, writing, pottery, painting and playing guitar


Advice: Observe the world around you with all your senses. Absorb it, be mindful of the details. And ask questions.