Born: 1947

Hometown: Stowe, VT 

Education: Ph.D. in Archaeology and Ethnology 

Occupation: Anthropologist

Expeditions: 30 years of expeditions to the Kalahari Bushmen and the Enga of Papua New Guinea, to study cultural systems of sharing and exchange, ethnoarchaeology, ethology, ecology, warfare, and oral history

Favorite Place to Be: In the mountains

Accomplishments: Books, papers, two kids, buildings the Tradition and Transition Centre in Papua, New Guinea

Favorite Items in the Field: Salt, Tang, and hot water bottle

Personal Hero: John Marshall

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, writing short stories, keeping cockatoos

Website: https://shesc.asu.edu/people/pauline-wiessner

Advice: Respect opens all doors.