The WINGS Fellows Program recognizes extraordinary women who are making discoveries and finding solutions to global problems through bold research, conservation and exploration projects. Further, the WINGS Fellows program has become a powerful network for women working in the field sciences to actively engage in interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration.

WINGS Fellows are recognized in the areas of  Air and Space, Conservation, Courage, Earth, Field Research, Film and Exploration, Humanity, Leadership, Sea and Lifetime Achievement. Each newly inducted Fellow is recognized at the Women of Discovery Gala and receives a $10,000 grant to support her work.


Selection Process

Fellows are nominated by the the WINGS Fellows Network and the WINGS Board of Directors. Nominations are reviewed by the Nominations Committee, which is composed of WINGS Fellows and Board Members. The Nominations Committee presents its findings to the Board of Directors for consideration and final Fellow awards.

WINGS WorldQuest Fellows are women of any race, culture or age who:

  • are actively engaged in field work focused on investigating questions about the nature of our world;  
  • have demonstrated the ability to think outside the box and follow an uncommon path;
  • have shown promise for contributing to important future advances in sciences and humanities; and
  • share a commitment to contributing to WINGS’ education and outreach mission.

WINGS WorldQuest does not accept unsolicited nominations for Women of Discovery Awards or WINGS Fellows.

Women of discovery awardees

 From Left: Helen Thayer, Felicity Aston, Arita Baaijens, and Daphne Soares

From Left: Helen Thayer, Felicity Aston, Arita Baaijens, and Daphne Soares

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